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fun, interesting, but what?

Nice interesting story and I like the lack of real dialogue. It allows more self interpretation. However, The characters are drawing with crayons and seem to be in grade school, however, since they seem to be in grade school and shorter then everyone else. One can assume they are not, in face, adults. Then, however, how does the girl afford all those cards and chocolates and why are they running around unintended? and how the hell is he going to pay for a restaurant? very confusing.

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Bobert-Rob responds:

Please, try not to think of this too literally. Their appearance is more of an allusion to their childish personalities. This is an animation that one should keep their real life assumptions of at the door. And I said I haven't concreted their age and never want to, since I don't want it to bring questions like that to mind. It just over-complicates matters, you know? Glad you enjoyed it all the same, even if it is a little confusing when taken too literally. Thanks for the review!

good animation

good animation, realistic of those annoying girls that listen to pop music. but not very funny for an ending. Especially for how much potential it had.

Good but

Good, but you don't seem to be going anywhere with this. It has been about a year and a half since I have seen this animation and have seen no updates.

Greatest ever

This has been my favorite flash for awhile now. Utter utter genius.

it was ok

the music was good, it transitioned well. However, the story made absolutely no sense. Why did she wait until one flower in her many flowers that died survived before she left for a sunny hill somewhere. If you love flowers so much, why not moved on the hell, or somewhere closer to it? Seemed kinda random.

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