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It seemed ok, but I dont get it, why was he stealing the pumpkin in the first place if he had so many?

WhiteLightning responds:

Please read the comments section before reviewing, people.

completely incorrect

linux software is bad? Right, because the majority of the programs you use is probably opensource like VLC, Firefox, and openoffice. Even ZSNES. Not including things like dvd burning software which is incredibly poor with windows I get for linux for free.

Also, Windows support is expensive. Every distribution offers cheaper better support then windows. Windows suggests reinstalling windows to solve almost every problem.

Almost all hardware works on linux (better then what osx can say) and since majority of those drivers are free software the majority of the time they are constantly being improved tend to run better then drivers for windows which are never updated after the initial release. 200 programmers have no chance against the world.

Microsoft is preinstalled on computers, with all sorts of unremovable trial versions and sometimes rootkits.

Also, Windows has a command line too, its called Command Prompt. Why doesn't anyone do anything in command line? Because in windows is because its little more then a dos emulator. Command line in linux uses the bash shell (as well as other shells) typically which allows you more access to more commands then just cd and dir.

Your LISP comment makes no sense. LISP is a programming language.

And installing linux takes a ton of experience and configuration? Next, next, next, next, finish is not complicated.

theta4 responds:

It was my job to make Linux sound bad as part of the assignment. Personally, I love Linux. In fact, I used Linux as part of this production, specifically with the espeak text-to-speech program.

If you want to complain about how Linux is better than Windows, go watch my other video on the subject.

plugs are annoying no direction

referencing animes you like and macs as being universally good is annoying. I don't care for bleach and I use linux, it rubbed me the wrong way listening to this incredibly long mac ad.
Also, it seemed to not really have any direction. The character gets thrown around from situation to situation seamlessly for no reason and summarize the whole thing in 3 seconds in the end.
Animation was ok, voice acting was semi good.

Xennethy responds:

Looks like you got it pretty much wrong.
There's no intention of referencing from bleach or what and its totally not a mac ad.
They are just some jokes, but i know its impossible to accommodate everyone, some people like it and some people don't.
Thanks for watching anyway.

simple and fun

nothing to complain here. A little short, not overly complicated but it doesn't need to be. Good simple, minimalistic, I liked it.

danomano65 responds:

the sequels may complicate things.. haha i have a cool story ready.

ha, good stuff

the only thing I didn't like about it was that I never got to hear the final request. God damn hilarious though and I'm pretty critical about humour but that was funny.

sirjeffofshort responds:

Thanks, I know I have a pretty discerning palette when it comes to humor so I'm really glad that you liked the short. As for the final request, I like the idea that nobody really knows for sure what it is, however some people have speculated that he DID get his final request, if you know what I mean... I'm not saying either way.

reminded me of the max

sorta interesting. Your voice sometimes sounded more "white kid suburbia trying hard" in a few areas. Which was killing the mood for me. Plot seemed to be heavily inspired by "The Maxx" and "Spawn" with the massive killing and nihilistic characters. all in all, it was pretty good though.

RedMongoose responds:

I loved the maxx for its great artwork and spawn was something my friends were really into that I barely remember. glad you like it tho

A bit emo

The flash was good, but the music just made it seem really really emo and whiney. very typical teenage angst crap. I also think it didn't fit the dualism of the animation.

Kero-the-boy-killer responds:

-laughs- i agree with you on that one. A friend of mine said the same thing, and i told him that i have no idea why my flashes turn out so emo >_< i don't mean them to, i guess they just kina... become that way heheh

Note to self: no more emo flashes

it was ok

It was ok, the cat was a pretty funny idea. However, the randomness was obvious. Cover house in lima beans? Are you even trying? and selling shirts and making such an overdone intro seems like your just trying to scam a few bucks by making a half ass comic and getting a small fan base of stupid people. Seems like there could be potential, but your definately not using it.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

actually im not really trying with that lima beans joke, that's just gordons catchphrase, and its abvious its shit the catch phrase, cus if you havem't noticed, Gordon is stupid!! and actually I make T-shirts so people who loved the series would like it, it's not my fault the prices for t-shirts are so high, its fucking cafepress who does it >:( and to think I only get $5 for each t-shirt, their the fucking cons around here, I just need to stay on that thing untill I can actually find a better one!I and this ain't fucking half assed, you just don't fucking like it, it's blaintly obvious that this series is doing really well by the success it has gotten to be. sure there are gonna be people (like you) that don't like this work, but that doesn't change a thing compared to what the majority think.

so ye this thing has potential, DEFINATE potential, I'm just using it the RIGHT way!

fun, interesting, but what?

Nice interesting story and I like the lack of real dialogue. It allows more self interpretation. However, The characters are drawing with crayons and seem to be in grade school, however, since they seem to be in grade school and shorter then everyone else. One can assume they are not, in face, adults. Then, however, how does the girl afford all those cards and chocolates and why are they running around unintended? and how the hell is he going to pay for a restaurant? very confusing.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Please, try not to think of this too literally. Their appearance is more of an allusion to their childish personalities. This is an animation that one should keep their real life assumptions of at the door. And I said I haven't concreted their age and never want to, since I don't want it to bring questions like that to mind. It just over-complicates matters, you know? Glad you enjoyed it all the same, even if it is a little confusing when taken too literally. Thanks for the review!

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