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plugs are annoying no direction

referencing animes you like and macs as being universally good is annoying. I don't care for bleach and I use linux, it rubbed me the wrong way listening to this incredibly long mac ad.
Also, it seemed to not really have any direction. The character gets thrown around from situation to situation seamlessly for no reason and summarize the whole thing in 3 seconds in the end.
Animation was ok, voice acting was semi good.

Xennethy responds:

Looks like you got it pretty much wrong.
There's no intention of referencing from bleach or what and its totally not a mac ad.
They are just some jokes, but i know its impossible to accommodate everyone, some people like it and some people don't.
Thanks for watching anyway.


I have always been a fan of strange fruit (the billie holiday version). This version was ok, but I think holidays voice does it a bit more justice. I rated an eight because even though I liked the idea of the ultra dark animation and overall idea of the animation. I thought the animation was not all that great and somewhat cheap.

good story bro

kept me interested rather entertaining and thought provoking. Not the best speaking voice but a worth while one.

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are you serious

all you did was animate a stick figure making expressions to a song that has already popular for years. People are just voting for this because they like the song, which you didn't do. Not your amazingly simplistic animation which you did.

ActiveObjectX responds:

Actually surprisingly, more people dislike the song than enjoy it here(from reading reviews). People in general in these reviews are talking about the animation, and only the animation. You are the first person to say something like that, which means that you're dumb.

good effort

it seemed like the author of the dialog just used a thesaurus but didn't really know the actual meaning of any of the words which lead to a lot of nonsensical sentences to people who do know what those words mean. Along side of comments like "gripped me like a thigh master", which I assume was an attempt to be funny, just sounds like the author was trying to appeal to different audiences and failed at both.
The story constant wandering without any point just bored me and lead to me just skimming threw the pages.
I'm all for absurdism and the fantastic. However, even absurd things like Alice in Wonderland had concise movement, flow, thought process, etc. etc. This just seemed like someone was just writing down literally anything and assuming the idiot reader would watch it anyway because its there to be watched.

almost didn't like it

the first skit was so dumb, I was sure to hate the rest, instead I was pleasantly surprised, this was very funny stuff.

it was good

it was good, I liked everything but the music... eh...

simple and fun

nothing to complain here. A little short, not overly complicated but it doesn't need to be. Good simple, minimalistic, I liked it.

danomano65 responds:

the sequels may complicate things.. haha i have a cool story ready.

not so good

the girls facial expressions are overly expressive while very relaxed music is playing is extremely off beat. The dialogue doesn't fit the music at all either. Also, people don't talk like how you represent them. You just aimlessly move from topic to topic without any sort of reaction or expression. Found the whole thing painful and couldn't watch the whole thing because of this. Overall drawing style was good though, hence not a zero.

simply awful

ok, so it doesn't HAVE to be funny to be on newgrounds. However, the animation, voice acting, and artistic skill was crap as well. Why are people even voting this anything higher then a one? All it was was commentary on how the author has no talent, it being verified by a guy who just makes cynical comments like "gay" (is that funny??) and probably verified by every viewer. The only thing worth while is the comment that implies newgrounds really does like crap. Seriously, this animation is so bad, I am ashamed to even be a member now and I'm not kidding. I'm praying that someone just found a way to play the system because I have no idea why I wasted precious moments of my life watching this.

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